What is Sensible Cooking?

Sensible cooking isn't a type of cuisine but rather a way of life, a set of tools which guide us through the process of planning, shopping, cooking, serving and finally eating in the most reasonable, responsible yet realistic way.
We strive to be thoughtful, educated and appreciative of what is available and come up with the best results to accommodate modern fast pacing urban life. These are the ten principles we keep in mind throughout this process (to learn more click on one of the pictures):

2. Eat Well

Strive to eat great tasting, nutritious, balanced meals, diminish processed convenience foods

3. Be Inventive

Exploit what you already have in hand, use the entire ingredient, be resourceful in the kitchen

4. Buy In Season

Use the produce of the season, it's better tasting and cheaper in peak

5. Enjoy Food

Food should be enjoyable: enjoy the making of food as much as eating it

6. Reduce Waste

Strive to minimize waste, garbage and packaging material. Recycle and compost when possible.

7. Support Local

Support local economy and businesses whenever possible

8. Be Educated

Understand your food, where it comes from and what it does to you

9. Be Efficient

Cook in the most efficient methods to suit and flatter a specific dish

10. Preserve

Learn how to preserve food to be able to enjoy produce later in the season