Tailored Personal Chef services in the San Francisco-Bay Area

*Sadly, due to Covid-19 we're no longer take any event requests in the bay area. Check out our newest endeavor Always Tasting*

Private Events

Host stunning and delicious ´╗┐´╗┐Dinner Parties for your guests to remember

Have a memorable and perfect dinner party. Our focus is on using fresh and seasonal ingredients, cooked in the most flattering way using classic and modern French techniques, with flavor combination and textures world-wide inspired.

Team Building Events

Bring your group together with a culinary challenge 

An engaging culinary team building activity for 6-14 participants aimed to boost creativity and improvisation skills, through an exciting kitchen challenge.


Discover all the secretes of the kitchen

We offer private workshops in a variety of subjects and menus. You will learn different cooking methods, recipes and tricks that can be used in the home kitchen and we'll finish the class enjoying the meal we cooked together.

 Food Tours

Chef led exclusive tours of  San Francisco 

 Discover bake shops, restaurants, specialty markets and cool shops while sampling 6-8 different dishes and hearing tales of the food and the neighborhood.

About Chef & Owner 

Mashav Shelef

Inspired by International and Asian cuisine and her bringing up in Tel Aviv, Mashav Shelef leads the team of Le Couloir, tailoring private events, creating new and inspiring menus and making sure every event is one to remember. A graduate from Ferrandi - Paris and experienced in several Michelin starred restaurants. In 2013 created a Pop-up Secret Kitchen in Tel Aviv and now starting her way as a Personal Chef in San Francisco. She brings dedication, creativity and her undeniable passion for food together with a fresh approach to cooking derived from her scientific background aiming to use the science of food to her benefit.

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