Team Building Events

Bring your group together with a culinary experience

*Sadly, due to Covid-19 we're no longer take any team building events requests in the bay area. Check out our newest endeavor Always Tasting*

  • You choose the level of engagement for your group
  • Suitable for teams of 5-35 people
  • Suitable for different dietary restrictions
  • Fits all levels and can be personalized to your company
  • Hosted in Le Couloir's Kitchen/Workshop Space in San Francisco (or a suitable venue for bigger groups) Or On-site in your office in SF
  • Prices varies according to the number of people, date/time and the setup and ranges between $85-$180 per person

Choose From Our Hands-On Culinary Experiences:

Interactive meal

A unique way to experience a group meal. Participants are encouraged to take part in the creation process and learn some new tricks in the kitchen

Starting $



  • For groups of 10-24
  • 2.5 - 3 hours long
  • Choose from 3 interactive menus
  • Medium engagement level
  • Includes: a full meal, all the recipes, hosting in our SF kitchen, all the tools and ingredients. 
Mystery box challenge

An engaging culinary team building activity aimed to boost creativity and improvisation skills, through an exciting kitchen challenge

starting $



  • For groups of 15-35
  • 3 hours long
  • High engagement level (no recipes!)
  • Every group will receive a surprise mystery box with 3 main ingredients to use for their dish
  • The challenge: 15 min to plan and 60 minute to cook using the pantry items and cookbook library
  • Each dish will be ranked and one group will be named the winner!

Choose From Our Demo Chef Culinary Experiences:

Family style MEal with a Cooking demo

A refreshing dining experience with a seasonal and fresh family style menu customized for your group featuring a fun demo presentation to start off the meal

Starting $



  • For groups of 6-24
  • 2.5 - 3 hours long
  • 7 item seasonal menu customized to your group's preferences
  • 1-2 recipe cooking demo with light engagement for the group
  • Seated family style meal
  • Bring your own wine/beer
On-site Chef Demo

Chef Cooking Demo In Your Office in SF. Boost healthy habits by showing how easy it can be to cook at home using fresh produce, in almost no-time. 

starting $


/20 Participants

  • For groups of 20-45
  • Choose from 2 packages:
  • Package 1: 60 Minutes Cooking demonstration and sampling of 2 recipes
  • Package 2: 90 Minutes Cooking demonstration of 2 recipes and interactive participation from the guests
  • Participants will get all the recipes in a pdf after the class.
  • Recipes will be flavorful, easy-to-understand, and approachable for a home cook of any level.

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