Apr 26

10 Principles Of Sensible Cooking

By Mashav Shelef | Sensible Cooking

What’s my style of cooking? Although I have a French cuisine background as well as Mediterranean and modern cooking tendencies,  I enjoy cooking all kinds and types of cuisines, with methods and influences from around the globe. Still, no matter what I cook, the style of my cooking will always be Sensible Cooking. Sensible cooking isn’t a […]

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Jan 10

My Obsession With Bread (Part 1)

By Mashav Shelef | Stories

France had the best bread I have ever tasted in my life, it was everywhere and all the time, limitless and always fresh. Crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside. And that deeply changed me. It wasn’t the sweet Brioche that threw me off course, but rather the Pain au Levain (Sourdough) that had a big impact and impressed me the most.

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